Flip Books

welcome to the flip book universe !

“Squeeze me” by Kraak & Smaak


Flip Book within a flip book (made by Ben from the Flippist )



Hole punch by Scott Blake

More by Scott Blake



evolution flipbook

by evoboekl.nl


Ornithology S. by Juan Fontanive




Popping Ballon flip book


Japanese Flipbook using negative space

link: Giphy


How to start with kids: use post it (or built your own flipbooks using binder clips or other techniques)


Sometimes the simple ones are the best:


using binder clips:


award winning freeware:  flip book printer (print at home)

award winning Flipbook Kit

Online printing services:  Flipchips (usual printing costs)

Combined with free software (German site) Mein-Daumenkino

Turn video into GIF animation:  Imgur

Please share your ideas, techniques & links, send us an e-mail here


more links on flipbooks:

Historical flipbooks & more:  flipbook.info

flipbooks by Volker Gerling

french editions: http://flblb.com/

Optical Toys

flip books and animation by George Griffin



link: Giphy /GifsBoom.net


And last but not least: the famous flip book parkour by Serene Teh




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