B-Roll for Video production

Many online-platforms for  B-Roll popped up in the last years. Also many well known stock photo platforms started to offer video clips.

Some of these platforms even have a selection of free clips, others offer a flatrate subscription.

Free clips

these platform have a small selection of free clips and beyond that are listing clips for purchase. 






Life of Vids


Flatrate Subscriptions 

Envato Elements and Motionarray are the best bargains right now, offering also sound, music and more. Artgrid.io has high quality clips. Soundstripe started a flatrate stock video archive in 2020, but the selection still is limited. What is your recommendation? Write to contact (at) joopeter.de



http://artgrid.io (High quality)



More Information on the following sites:


5 Best Free B-Roll Footage Websites

Apps for education (german website) 


Free stock footage

Here a selection of free stock footage archives.


Recommendations by No Film School:



Public archives (by goverment institutions and others)





More free archives















free sound and music archives

+++ New: BBC released 16000 free sound clips here +++

+++ more on free audio, film and photo sources here +++

Free music platforms can be messy – hard to find the good stuff – but worth searching.  Some platforms offer free mp3 quality and charge for HQ versions – these sites are better organized, see first example.

(Watch out: terms of use might change on this pages once a while)

Freesound.org offers a huge archive of free sounds (registration for free)

opsound.org is dedicated to open source culture offering free sound & music

Netlables by archive.org. You can search by tags and keywords, most audio seems to limited to 30 seconds free sample.

archive.org millions of books, films, music and more on this huge open source page


digccmixter.org great archive, searchable by tags, but navigation very simple & basic

Bargus.org  small archive

CChound.com – under repair

Stampede.it  cool page, but just a few free audio files besides commercial offers

More CC music links here on CreativeCommons.org.


Free Mp3

Icons8 mp3 for free, but 44.100 Hz version for 2o$ monthly subscription

For school projects and small independant projects mp3 quality for free might be sufficient (and you still can upgrade for HQ quality, if needed). Genre and themes are well organized like in better sites,  but the quality of the compositions of most tracks is rather poor.


Royalty free music: what to learn by commercial sites

There are constantly new music sites for filmmakers popping up, offering royalty free music for a flatrate price (monthly subscription price to access huge and well organized libraries for unlimited use), the most famous are Soundstripe and Artlist. Having a look on this commercial sites help to  learn more about how navigation of a well organized  film music library looks like and what to expect from  better pages for free music (in the future).

 epidemic sound  recommended by my friends, I didn’t try it yet. It has a free one month trial, monthly plans starting from 15 $ per month for social media use, but expensive for companies (149 $ per month)

Musicbed, starts with 9 $ a month for social media use, used by travel filmmakers like Bryn North in Mongolia

Jamendo mp3 for “free” for test editing, watermarked, HQ for payment


More links to free music on the website below (german wesbite, but listing many international sites in English)

Freie Musik

There are HUGE archivs of free music on Youtube:


Introduction to sound design

sound design on TED:

More ond sound design