staging classic paintings

a compilation of inspiring examples for staging classic paintings in photo and film

a great variety staged classic paintings was also published on Booooom

and Adobe on Informatione Libera.

Emanuela Pulvirenti  has another concept of staged paintings, using a digital backdrop, which needs some preparation:

Here more works by Emanuela Pulvirenti and her students part II and part III

Adad Hannah works on elaborated staged paintings:




lesson for sculpture in public space

inspired by Alexander Calder

(works by my students)

Sofia Color

Last summer I met Sophia Color, a charismatic  artist from Venezuela, dedicated to the the power of color. “Oh, your blog is missing color in your list of categories!”, she told me.  Yes, because color is everywhere 😀 But it’s time for a post on color, with great research by didatticarte.

Sophia founded Cromática and whenever you need a specialist on color (she worked with universities & TV stations) for professional advise or guest teaching, contact her on fb


about Color on diddadicarte (Part I)

color on diddadicarte Part II

about blue color




Tree houses

works by my students

How it’s done?

“Dumb ways to die” inspired many animation artists -but how is it done? (Solution below 🙂 )

…and here you can learn to do it step by step on skillshare

Sorry, the professional level is less suitable for high school classes. But I would loooove to try it myself.