staging classic paintings

a compilation of inspiring examples for staging classic paintings in photo and film

a great variety staged classic paintings was also published on Booooom

and Adobe on Informatione Libera.

Emanuela Pulvirenti  has another concept of staged paintings, using a digital backdrop, which needs some preparation:

Here more works by Emanuela Pulvirenti and her students part II and part III

Adad Hannah works on elaborated staged paintings:




refugee photo project

an 8th grade school kid in Germany works on a photo project about refugees in her hometown.  Maybe I should start a similar project in my school?

Many of my friends are involved in projects helping refugees from Syria and other countries. My school will start a peace choir concert in the town hall together with singers from local refugee camps.

The fate of the refugees reminds us of our own history.The city I live in since 10 years was almost completly destroyed in World War II, so I started a interactive photo project to discover present and past of my town:

Time Echo  Zeitsprünge Heilbronn


Heilbronn was destroyed 4th December 1944 (city close to Heidelberg).

(to be continued)




photographing time

Turning photos into a painting by photographing time.

Works by Wolf Nkole Helzle

link: homepage of W.N. Helzle


Another artist photographing time is Michael Wesely (see article in German language on Damian Zimmermanns blog)


Here more about Michael Wesely on Fahnemann  Projects


Jason Shulman came up with another radical approach: he merges all frames of famous films into a single digital image. Here for example “Wizard of Oz”, 1939:


Jason Shulman, Fantasia (1940), 2015 on