Schulkino: Mentawai – Souls of the Forest

preisgekrönter Dokumentarfilm über Klimawandel und Schutz der Schöpfung

Entdecke Ureinwohner mit ihrem Naturglauben, die sich für den Erhalt des Urwaldes einsetzen.  Mentawai st ein kleinen Archipel südlich von Sumatra.

Ein Schulkino-Angebot für die Fächer Ethik/Religion, Geographie, Englisch

Schutzgebühr geht als Spende an die Stiftung der Ureinwohner

Mentawai – Seelen des Waldes

Deutsche Version 72 Min  –  Version 56 Min (Passwort auf Anfrage)

Englische Version  72 Min  – Version 56 Min (Passwort auf Anfrage)

Für den Englisch-Unterricht mit klassisch-britischem Erzähler


Ethik/Religion  Download

Thema Naturglaube Aufgabenblätter, Infos, Lösungsbogen

Geographie Download

Themen: Klimawandel, Globalisierung,  Palmölplantangen, Abholzung der Regenwälder

mit reichlich Kartenmaterial

Englisch Download

Auszüge aus dem Filmskript in Englisch


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B-Roll for Video production

Many online-platforms for  B-Roll popped up in the last years. Also many well known stock photo platforms started to offer video clips.

Some of these platforms even have a selection of free clips, others offer a flatrate subscription.

Free clips

these platform have a small selection of free clips and beyond that are listing clips for purchase.



Life of Vids

Flatrate Subscriptions 

Envato Elements and Motionarray are the best bargains right now, offering also sound, music and more. has high quality clips. Soundstripe started a flatrate stock video archive in 2020, but the selection still is limited. What is your recommendation? Write to contact (at) (High quality)


More Information on the following sites:

5 Best Free B-Roll Footage Websites

Apps for education (german website) 


Bring animation to the next level

The best introduction I found so far which helps beginners to get on the next level of animation: analyzing movement in very clear and entertaining clips

Also, the famous book by Richard Williams, generations of animators used for learning, is now available as an animated app for ipad, introdcution & link to app here.

Do you have a link to recommend on the topic? Suggestions welcome


Apps for tablets in art lessons

(this list is made for Ipad use mainly –  send me your favourites)

Photo Comic

create photo comics stories – this app has a simple and clear user interface, therefore perfect for the classroom: Comics by seedling (for ipad)

Android Comic apps: 

Comica – Comics and Cartoon Maker von Game Brain

excellent, but  1,39 Euro (free version is full of ads and has very limited functions).

Comic Strip! – Cartoon & Comic Maker by Roundwood Studios. Free version with simple tools.

Comic Maker by Tara Valdez. Free version, just very basic functions.


Photo Editing

Snapseed (free version)

Effects: Pixaloop (limited free functions) , Glichté (0,99 cent)


Drawing & Painting

best using apple pencil

all three examples have excellent free versions



Sketches (


(this list is for ipad. What are your suggestions for android?)

StopMotion Studio (free)

SketchBook Motion (limited free use) editors choice


Animation Desk 


Roughanimator (5,49 Euro) 

Open Toonz (Windows only!) free

See also suggestions here (not tested yet by myself)

Sound for Animation

Any suggestions? Soundboard-Apps are simple fun tools to find cartoon sound for animations for younger kids.

More apps

organize your classes: Classroom Mate by Stefan Reissl

simple, very helpful  and affordable


Laptop Apps – Windows & Apple

Alternative for Adobe Photoshop are browser-based editors like Photopea:

(see also

It’s free, has all basic functions including layers and students can use it on different platforms like PC and Apple.

Gimp is not a good choice any more in the classroom, since it’s interface is messy and not suitable for first time users and young students.

Here a huge list with alternatives to Adobe Cloud compiled by Art Academy Stuttgart  here


staging classic paintings

a compilation of inspiring examples for staging classic paintings in photo and film

a great variety staged classic paintings was also published on Booooom

and Adobe on Informatione Libera.

Emanuela Pulvirenti  has another concept of staged paintings, using a digital backdrop, which needs some preparation:

Here more works by Emanuela Pulvirenti and her students part II and part III

Adad Hannah works on elaborated staged paintings: