photographing time

Turning photos into a painting by photographing time.

Works by Wolf Nkole Helzle

link: homepage of W.N. Helzle


Another artist photographing time is Michael Wesely (see article in German language on Damian Zimmermanns blog)


Here more about Michael Wesely on Fahnemann  Projects


Jason Shulman came up with another radical approach: he merges all frames of famous films into a single digital image. Here for example “Wizard of Oz”, 1939:


Jason Shulman, Fantasia (1940), 2015 on

green education projects in Germany

Germany was pioneering green education projects since 100 years.

1919 the first Waldorf school world wide was founded here. In the 70s grassroot initiatives started  for in-town nature site adventure playgrounds and farms with animals for kids – for free. They started with volunteers and later on continued with support of the communities.

Playing for Life – long version with english subtitles (26 min.)

Trailer  (short version 2:56 Min, German language)

The documentary  shows a typical projects founded by grass root movements in the 70s.

In Germany exist over 1000 forest kinder gardens:


Homepage of the association of forest and nature kindergardens in Germany:


Homepage of the national association of nature site adventure playgrounds in Germany